You have to be odd
to be number one.
Dr. Seuss

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Signature Scent: Elizabeth and James Nirvana White

1 oz EDP, $72

I've always liked the idea of having a signature scent, that scent that people get a whiff of and immediately associate with you. But I never felt particularly drawn to any and was convinced I didn't have one, until I discovered Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. Just like MK&A, this fragrance is as sophisticated as it is modern and young. With notes of peony, muguet, and tender musk, this eau de parfum is my ideal scent. This fragrance doesn't fit perfectly into any one category, and I really like that about it. It is subtly floral, light and fresh but with some earthiness courtesy of the musk.

What's your signature scent?


  1. I do not have a scent people can associate me with but I really like the idea of it :)


    1. Ahh hope you find "the one" soon! ;) Thanks for stopping by, JoAnn!

  2. I'm still on the lookout for that particular scent, for the meantime I'm having fun experimenting which fragrance suits my personality best! :)


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