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Friday, August 16, 2013

Handbag Beauty

I've been on vacation in the US for about a week now, traveling to different cities and states and just having the best time. But fun sometimes also means extremely busy. When on vacation I will usually stick to one small, easy to carry handbag with just the must haves so that it doesn't weigh me down on long days out on foot sightseeing and exploring. At the moment I carry a gray Michael Kors crossbody bag everywhere which is just perfect for the job!

I thought I'd talk about my handbag beauty essentials on today's blog post. Here are the beauty-related things that I've had in my handbag and found super useful this week!

Purse-size Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' EDT
Sometimes when you're in a not-so-good area of town or on the subway getting cozy with strangers, a little freshening up can make a huge difference. A small vial of your fave perfume is good to take with you to give yourself a pick me up!

Purse-size Goody brush
I don't know about you but it doesn't matter how smoothed and combed my hair is when I leave the house; a few hours later my head is tangle central. This is a must for straightening things out!

L'oreal Colour Caresse Lipstick in Sunset Angora
A girl's handbag isn't complete without lip product(s)! I'm actually really proud of myself for having just one. I like to take a universal shade that is really easy to apply so I can just slap it on without a mirror.

Nail clipper
This may seem like a weird one but it comes in so handy for broken fingernails or peeling nails. You never know! I prefer this to a nail file because it's more precise.

L'occitane Fleurs Merveilleuses hand cream
One of my biggest pet peeves is washing my hands in public washrooms with industrial grade soap and having the chalkiest, driest hands after. I absolutely always have hand cream on me to keep them moisturized!

If you're about to go on a sightseeing vacation soon, I hope you find this helpful! There are definitely other things that could be added to the list, but I like to keep mine short and sweet. You don't want to be lugging your entire house around when you're constantly on the go.

PS. I just made the label '26DoS' available on the left sidebar if you'd like a quick and easy way of finding all the blog posts I've posted so far for my 26 Days of Summer blogging challenge. I'd love it if you read them all and left your thoughts in the comments section! All right, that's all for today and I will see you in two days! x


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    1. Hand creams are definitely an essential that I always have in my bag too. I don't think I've ever included a nail clipper in my handbag though but after reading your post, I can totally see how it would come in handy at times!

      I've always wanted to go to the US- you're so lucky! Hope you're enjoying your trip :)

    2. Hi Ivy! :) Haha I know nail clipper is a strange one but I find it really helpful to have. Aww, where do you live? Thanks girl!

  2. Nothing better than L'occitane hand cream! Love itt

    -Maddy @

  3. I always forget to bring a little brush with me... I'm lucky if I remember to bring the lipstick I'm wearing on the day. LOL xx

  4. I never go anywhere without a hair brush with me! & having only one lipstick is definitely something to be proud of haha, every time I have a handbag clear out I find abut five dotted around x

    1. Hi Gemma! Haha having one product in there is actually a rarity, I just made it a point to only have one during my vacation because otherwise my purse would be a clutter!

  5. I just saw your comment on my other post and here's the link to their canadian website:,en_CA,pd.html?start=1 xx

    1. Aww thanks Fernanda! I see it on the website but I've gone to so many counters and shops and have seen none. :( So sad.


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