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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 USA Trip Wishlist

Not quite sure if I've mentioned this but I've been in school pretty much all of my summer vacation taking two organic chemistry courses. Thrilling, I know. But really it has been brutal and exhausting but ultimately rewarding, as I find with plenty of courses I take in school. After being in school for 11 consecutive months, you bet I'm ready for a vacation and a vacation I am getting! A mere day after my final exam I will be in a car blissfully sleeping (evening roadtrip!) as I make my way to the city that never sleeps. Until then I'm in mad studying mode (less than 24 hours to go!) so I thought, during one of my study breaks, why not compile a wishlist of things I'd like to pick up while I'm over in the USA? Here are a few things I've been eyeing for a few months now and would really like to get my hands on!

USA 2013 Wishlist

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light | This product has been the talk of the town this summer but I actually think it would be fantastic for fall to achieve that lovely 'lit from within' look.
2. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Corail Intuitive | I didn't want to want this product (because of the price tag) but stupid me just had to try it on at Sephora. It's too late now...
3. Muji Gel Ink Pen Set | What kind of stationery addict doesn't have a set of these? *Sheepishly raises hand*
4. Talula Kent Blazer | As you'll see with the other fashion picks on this wishlist, I'm developing a serious love affair with the mature, effortlessly chic look (must be something to do with growing up or something....?), and a blazer is quintessential to achieving this. I also think it'll be a great layering piece to switch up your outerwear for the fall.
5. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner | My hair tangles like nobody's business so it's a miracle I've gone twenty years without owning or using a leave-in conditioning spray. First ever hair crisis (mad shedding and split end mania) puts this at the top of my shopping list, along with a fresh haircut. 
6. A gray jersey maxi dress | I've seen a few girls in this type of dress lately and they all looked stunning! I don't normally go for maxi dresses because I'm short but I absolutely dig the whole 'I'm not even trying and I look freaking amazing' feel of this look.
7. A fall jacket | Embarrassing fact about me: In the 5 years I've been here I've so far been that person to wear their full on winter jacket in September when it gets only slightly chilly.....because I don't have a fall jacket! Result? Boiling in your winter jacket and wishing so badly that you had a fall one.
8. Narciso Rodriguez 'For Her' EDT | I'm scared to make any bold statements but this could just be my 'signature scent'. I love this fragrance and I just have to own it!
9. Zara Black Leather Sandals | While a good pair of basic pumps is a shoe closet staple, simple strap leather sandals are a lovely alternative. I really love how light and 'barely there' they look. These are a great option if you've already got a lot going on in your outfit up top because they're just very simple and basic and won't overwhelm.
10. A basic baseball cap | Back to wanting to be effortlessly chic. My favourite way I've seen this casual piece worn is paired with a more put together, polished, outfit - classic casual balancing out dressy.

All right, back to work I go! I forgot to mention in the last couple of posts that I've now hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon (just now? how shameful I know). I love pinning and hope you will join me on there! My username is jemcheng if you want to follow me and my boards.


  1. muji pens! yessss. A lot of these things are available in Canada... but I guess the prices?

    1. Yes, the prices! A lot of makeup is tons cheaper in the States.

  2. Oh the Muji pens.. I want it too :'( *sigh*

    Isabela | Fusels

    1. I think they have an online shop, no? They are really pretty and write well!


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