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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ultimate 90s Throwback: Ode to My Era

*This post is the second of a two-parter so if you haven't checked out the first post, go ahead and do so here! I let you guys in on what I actually wore during my childhood, and there are some seriously cute outfits so don't miss out.* 

Today on the blog is a special edition outfit post, a modern styling of my favourite 90s fashions. This one has got all the 90s trends you're familiar with including prints and patterns, hair baubles, circle sunglasses, sneaks, frills, and everyone's favourite: denim. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The idea for this outfit came about when I found the gem of a dress in my sister's closet. I don't remember whether it was mine or a hand-me-down from a family friend, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it - gorgeous lines and cuts, lovely neckline, classic print. My sister's style is quite a bit different from mine so she was planning to give this away, but I snapped it as soon as I saw it! You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. About the dress - it's a vintage Guess dress in a beautiful classic Gingham print. I'm guessing it was from the children's line, but the incredible stretch of the fabric made room for the curves I now have as an adult. 

If you've seen my '90s Personal Style' post (posted just before this one) then you know that my mom LOVED denim and decked me out in the stuff every chance she got, so I tossed my Gap light wash denim jacket over the dress for cooler, windier days. I think it gives a nice contrast and adds to the vintage feel. And as you can see, I'm loving the 'playing it safe' colour palette for this look. 

Speaking of colour, to add a real good punch of a vibrant hue I chose this orange ball hair bauble which I actually wore in the 90s! I've accumulated a lot of different shapes and designs and colours and patterns of hair baubles over the years but the one I'm wearing in this outfit is one of my favourites because it's simple but super cute and gives a nice pop! And to go along with the 'circle' theme I wore my Topshop circle sunglasses. They are coming back into trend right now, but you better believe I was rocking those as a toddler except in maroon and thicker frames. I am loving these sunglasses and think they're such a great change from all the square, rectangular and angular frames that have been the popular choice for the past 5 years or so now.

On my feet I've got frilly socks, of course. Again these are from Topshop and they have a pretty floral print on them. If you have yet to witness Topshop's sock wall, you need to head on over there and check it out because it's pretty amazing. They have a wide selection of such cute socks (frilly and not)! Finally, I just went for my navy Keds sneakers for shoes.

Kept it minimal in the accessories and makeup department because I really wanted to stay true to my 90s style and do a proper modern rendition. All the pieces I'm wearing in this outfit post are things/trends that I wore constantly as a child, for realssss!

Photography: Shan Shukla 
Vintage Guess dress | Gap denim jacket | Topshop sunglasses | Topshop frilly socks | Keds sneakers

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ultimate 90s Throwback: My Personal Style

The 90s. Words cannot adequately express my love for the decade I was born in. There are so many things to love about the 90s: the best TV shows, the most delicious snacks and foods, the faddiest fads, ... but what I love the most is the fashion. Bright patterns and prints, every hair decorating thing you could imagine, cutest t-shirts, old school frilly, denim on denim on denim on denimmmm. So I thought what better way to remember my decade than to do a two-part post reminiscing on the fashion of the past. This post, the first of two, is going to be a look into my personal 90s style which I all owe to my Mom. The second post which will go up either tomorrow or the day after, will be an outfit post inspired by the 90s. I hope you like this little series!

I was looking through some old photos and was seriously impressed by some of my outfits - thanks Mom, for dressing me so darn well! - and I thought it would be a neat idea to share a few of my favourites with you. You'll come to find that she was a massive fan of outfits that were both cute and comfy.

My wardrobe staples of the time: DENIM (jeans, jacket, overalls, vest,...), all-purpose red Chickeeduck jacket that my mom made me wear with anything and everything, and bright, patterned leggings galore.

ROCKING socks & sandals
This cute pink swimsuit was decked out in little teddy bears! 
The famous red Chickeeduck jacket (bro had a matching black one)

What are your thoughts on my 90s style? I'd love to know!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron

I debated for a long time about whether or not I should write a post about this product. If you've spent any time around the beauty community lately, you'll know that Hydraluron is an incredibly hyped up, raved about, cult skincare product .... but I absolutely hated it. I'd apologize for being harsh but it's the truth. You all know I don't like to write about the products I don't get along with, but for such a popular product, I thought it might be helpful for some to put my two cents out there because there really aren't a lot of negative reviews on this product, which is not a bad thing at all! I'm glad this product works wonders for so many people, but I also think people need to have access to a few reviews of the opposite sort. So here it goes..

For those of you who have never heard of Hydraluron, it's essentially one of the more concentrated hyaluronic acid serums out there and it claims to provide dehydrated skin a boost of moisture from below the surface. If you've seen my past couple posts this may sound familiar because it's sort of what the Origins Make a Difference Plus+ treatment is marketed for as well. I really didn't need Hydraluron when I purchased it (since at this point I had and was very happy with the Origins treatment) but when I saw that it was on sale at my local Shoppers Drug Mart I thought that I might as well snap it up since I've been meaning to try it out anyways, as it's all anyone's been talking about recently. I was really excited for this product and thought that it could be something I could use alternatively with the Origins treatment. You can imagine how high my expectations were at this point, I half expected it to somehow magically make me look like Jessica Alba ..... the Asian version of course.

So when I tried it the first time and noticed an immediate feeling of tightness afterwards, I was slightly disappointed. But anyone knows you should give a product a few goes before you make a final verdict,  so the next evening I tried it a second time and boy do I regret it to this day because this time not only did I get that same feeling of uncomfortable tightness, this time I also developed the 'hard' type of dry, flaky patches everywhere on my face - even in places that I don't normal experience dehydration in, specifically the tops of my cheeks, my forehead, my temples, my chin - and the most painful rash-like skin reaction which I especially felt after I applied my moisturizer afterwards. This product seemed to do to my skin exactly the opposite of what it said it would do. My skin was not happy and neither was I. It was almost like the product chemically burned my skin because the hard, rough dryness did not go away for a week. Thankfully during the healing process, I did not feel any more pain when using my other skincare products but I also made sure to use my most gentle and calming cleansers and moisturizers, and absolutely nothing exfoliating (masks or toners).

I understand that with all products there are going to be people it doesn't work for, but I just had such a strongly averse reaction to this particular one that made me plain mad. I don't know if I used it the wrong way (I followed box instructions), if it's just something with my skin, or if the product is too concentrated/pure for me, but whatever the reason I won't be using this ever again.

A week later, my skin is back to normal and the Hydraluron back in its box to be returned. This product didn't work for me at all. I will very happily stick to my Origins offering which does everything and more for my skin anyways so I don't feel like I'm missing out! You can read my full review on that product here. If you're looking to purchase Hydraluron in the near future, I would highly recommend testing it out on a small patch of skin first for a couple of days before proceeding to apply it onto your entire face. I hope this review was helpful for some of you prospective buyers, and I promise the next post will be a cheerier one!
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