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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment

The Origins Make a Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment is what I like to call the jack of all trades of my skincare stash. I'll make this really simple for you: you need this product in your life. I know I say that a lot in this blog, but that's just because I enjoy sharing the products I love and don't often talk about the ones I'm not so keen on. But back to the Origins treatment... If you have a skin issue, chances are this can help it.

I purchased this after hearing it oh, maybe a million and one times? on Kate's blog and Youtube channel (gh0stparties) and am so glad I did because it's got to be my all-time favourite skincare product. I love how this product is packaged - a nice and simple aquamarine-coloured pot that's made of plastic but looks and feels like glass. You've got the best of both worlds with this as it looks pretty on the bathroom counter, but you can easily toss it in your travel bag without fear of it breaking open and spilling everywhere. The treatment itself is a light-weight gel consistency that smells citrusy and feels invigorating, and a little goes a long way with this stuff which is always a plus. It's not the priciest of all skincare items but at $45 a pot it's good to know that it'll last you a while. How I apply this? I take a pea-sized amount and distribute it evenly over my entire face and neck day and night, before my moisturizer.

I originally picked this up because I was looking for something to quench my skin's thirst. My skin had been experiencing a lot of dehydration at the time and nothing in skincare arsenal could repair it. I first stopped by my Sephora for a little sample, and after first use I knew I'd be getting the full size. It does absolute wonders for my skin in that it really smooths over all my flaky patches and plumps my face up wonderfully. My face has never felt so lovely and silky and hydrated in its entire life. So dreamy...

Although I loved its intense moisturizing properties, I do have combination skin and I worried that it might not do so well with my shinier areas, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found that it balances those areas nicely as well. It sits on my skin so nicely without weighing it down and to be brief about it, it just makes my skin feel good.

Finally, I also reach for this product whenever I have spotty skin because it just seems to do something that alleviates the stress of it all. I've noticed that my spots don't stay on my skin for as long when my skin is properly hydrated so that may explain some of it, but it also has a calming effect on any red and inflamed areas that helps to keep them from getting worse. This treatment also seems to brighten and fade any existing acne scars, and I'm a fan of any and all products that can do that for my skin because I've got quite a few of those buggers.

It's safe to say that the Origins Make a Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment is going to be a staple in my skincare routine from here on out. I really don't think I could live without this product because it just does so much for my skin that no other product can. And it's sort of like a 3-in-1 that is effective against more than a couple skincare problems. If you're on the market for something new in skincare or just want to give your skin an extra boost and pick me up, I highly recommend this product because it's a fantastic addition for any skin type!


  1. This makes me really want to pick up the Origins Rejuvenating Treatment now! It sounds amazing and the consistency looks so nice. Origins skincare products have been popping up more and more in my blog feed and I think I really need to venture out and have a good look of their products :)

    1. I have quite a few Origins products in possession now and I love em all! Such a great company. :) I highly recommend this one to try out first if you're looking to purchase your first Origins product!

  2. This sounds really interesting! I'm going to go get a sample; thanks for sharing :)


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