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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Essie Absolutely Shore

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the Baby Bear of mint nail polishes. Essie Absolutely Shore. Yes, that is a reference to Goldilocks and The Three Bears, but what do I mean? Not too green, not too blue, not too bright, not too murky - it's just right. Essie has got mint perfectly right. I literally thought the hunt would never end....

Needless to say I'm obsessed with this nail polish. I have been wearing it nonstop for the past month, maybe more. It's the most gorgeous true mint shade. Incredibly flattering on the nails, very chic and polished with a bit of colour and life. Love. As with most Essie polishes, the formula is average but the colour is totally worth it. Thin, sheer colour in a perfectly workable consistency gets you some streakiness that disappears once you slap on a good four coats for full opacity. A bit of patience, a little control, and a slick of topcoat, and you'll have yourself a beautiful pastel manicure. This is easily one of my top five nail polishes of all time and I'm so happy to have it in my collection.

There was a long and winding road to this post coming to be - you may remember from my Spring Edit: Nails post that I intended to blog about this soon after - but I just wanted to give a shoutout to the people over at NailPolishCanada. Long story short. I purchased Absolutely Shore from NailPolishCanada and waited eagerly for its arrival. My package was delivered super quickly and it even came with lollies - so far so good! When I first applied this polish it was decent. I immediately noticed that the formula was a little thicker than I'd like but it worked so I didn't think much of it. However, every time after that application (~10 times) I would get bubbles developing in my manicure as the polish dried. Worst mani nightmare. I tried everything including nail polish thinner, which I really thought would do the trick, but nothing worked. I was really upset by this so I emailed NailPolishCanada to see if there was something they could do about it. I mentioned that it seemed flukey from first try and that I did try my best to work with it. Lo and behold, the next day I received a response apologizing for the polish and saying that they'd send me a replacement straight away. My package shipped next day and I received it the day after, and best of all this time the polish was A-OK! I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by their spectacular service. They communicated with me every step of the way, letting me know what the status of my package was. Hands down the best customer service I've ever received from any company. Brilliant! My fellow Canadians (and US too!), I highly recommend NailPolishCanada for all your nail polish needs or wants. Great prices, quick shipping, amazing customer service. This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to acknowledge an amazing company that gave me a great shopping experience! Thank you to all of you over at NailPolishCanada! :)


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