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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Flower Crown

Let's talk about the one accessory that's been taking the world by storm as of late: the flower crown. After seeing the first few hundred, I thought, sure it's cute but how practical would it really be to own one? And to be honest nothing's changed since then and it's still pretty impractical to own one simply because it's really quite garish and over the top (the one I've made today at least!) but when I saw Caroline's (from burkatron) DIY on it I caved. This girl's blog is my personal heaven - seriously, go check it out! So out I went to purchase the materials for this DIY, and to be honest with you it ain't cheap! I didn't realize how expensive silk flowers were....

I'm considering making a smaller, more subtle one next but in the meantime, here's how I made mine...

  1. Silk flowers - Make sure to pick up a variety of shapes and sizes in a colour palette of your choice. You want to pick up ones that are wired so that they will be easier to weave into the crown. I got all of mine from Michael's craft store.
  2. Wired twine or any sort of garden wire - This forms the base of your crown.
  3. Jewelry wire - I believe mine is 26 gauge but this doesn't really matter.
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Wire cutters
  6. Ribbon (optional but highly recommended)
  7. Heavy duty glue - I used E6000 because once it dries it's like cement!

Step 1: Take your twine or garden wire and weave pieces together so that you make a circle that is slightly bigger than the size of your head. You'll need some allowance for the flowers.

Step 2: If you've bought flowers like me, most of them will be on really long stems because they're meant to be put in vases. Using wire cutters, snip off just the flower bit with a short length of stem - this is what you will wrap around the crown base.

Step 3: Start attaching your flowers onto the base by wrapping the wired stem around the circle you've created. This part will take the most time because this is when you decide what kind of shape you want your crown to take, how you want to mix up the colours, whether or not you're using a pattern, what kind of flowers you want clustered together, etc..... Obviously you can choose to do whatever you like but as a general guideline, a flower crown typically looks better with the largest flowers up at the front then flowers decreasing in size as you go to the back of the head. Take your time with this step until you are happy with the placement of your flowers. If any of your flowers detach from the stems at any point, like some of mine did, just use some glue to stick them back together.

This is what mine looked like after attaching all the flowers. I went with a very soft, feminine pink and white colour scheme, and chose a few different types of flowers, both small and large, to make sure there was variety. I started with the larger flowers - I had the biggest one up at the front then just dotted the other relatively big ones along the sides. I then took the smaller flowers and used them to fill the gaps. I tried to distribute the pink and white evenly throughout the crown to make it look nicer. (The ribbon is just there for added effect, it is not attached to the crown, haha.)

Before moving on, try it on to make sure you like how it looks on your head! Sounds trivial but when I tried mine on, I realized that the 'biggest' flower was obnoxiously massive. Thankfully this particular flower was easy to work with. I simply pulled it off the stem, removed a the bottommost layer of petals and replaced it on the stem. It still looks huge in the photos below because I didn't make this change until after they were taken.

Step 4: Once you've attached all the flowers it'll be pretty much ready to wear, but there will be a lot of wires sticking out which could poke you. This next step is optional but highly recommended. Take ribbon in a colour that is complementary to your colour scheme and just wrap it around any exposed twine, wires, and plastic stems. Use heavy duty glue to seal down the starting and ending points.

Finished product!

And there you have your pretty, girly flower crown - perfect for picnics at the park, field frolics, special OOTDs or just plain lookin' cute!

Photos of myself taken by my sister Joy.


  1. Fabulous!!! I have been wanting to create my own flower headband!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

    1. Try it out for yourself! It makes a nice summertime activity. :)

  2. so pretty and summery just dont know when I'd ever wear it if i made one :P

    1. Haha yes it's not the most practical thing to own but it's super cute! I plan to wear it if I ever go on picnics or just nice days out. :)

  3. I love the finished product! It's so adorable! You looks so lovely in this flower crown Ms. Jem! This is perfect for summer! ^^

  4. i love how big and eye catching it is!
    super pretty!

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  6. I love the colors you used, they look so nice together :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity


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