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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Edit: Eyes

Before I wrap up this spring edit.... let's not neglect your peepers. Sometimes a little colour, a little definition here and there can really make your face appear brighter and more polished. And it's springtime, so nothing too much or too heavy. :)

  1. MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection | I am so pleased that MAC has finally included this in its permanent range because it is such a fantastic product. Vintage Selection is a cream eyeshadow in the loveliest champagne pink colour, and it was first released in 2010 in MAC's Cham-Pale collection. This is one of my favourite products to use as a base for powder eyeshadows, or just on its own as an eyeshadow. If you're more inexperienced but would like to dip your toes into wearing something on your lids, I would recommend something like this because it's easy and fuss-free.
  2. MAC Shale eyeshadow | A very subtle purply gray that gives just a bit of colour without looking too unnatural or out of place. I love to use Shale when I want to go for something other than my neutral shadows because it's just that bit different without being crazy. A single layer is sheer but it can be built up if stronger payoff is desired.
  3. MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow | This eyeshadow deserves all the raves and thumbs ups it gets from the beauty community. It truly is the most gorgeous peachy champagne and does wonders to brighten and lift the eyes. Naked Lunch is totally spring appropriate as it is light and bright!
  4. Maybelline quad in Chai Latte | Four gorgeous neutral shades that are so incredibly easy to work with - highly pigmented, super blendable, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Whenever I use this quad, my eyeshadow looks amazing - and that's including the times when I'm half asleep at 7:30am trying to put on my makeup as fast as I can before subsequently rushing (already late) to class. I love that about this product. No skill or talent necessary, haha! I use all but the coppery bronze shade on the top right, just because I feel that it's looks way too orangey on me. I should probably mention that they've redone this quad and I don't like it at all, so I'm rationing the rest of my oldone! The dark matte brown now has gold glitter in it. :(
  5. Maybelline EyeStudio gel liner in Eggplant/Aubergine | If you're a liner kind of gal, why not try something other than black or brown for a nice spring change? A deep eggplant colour like this one looks amazing on pretty much everyone! You still get that definition you need, but now you've also got a wee bit of colour to match all the blooms.

L-R. MAC Naked Lunch, MAC Shale, MAC Vintage Selection, Maybelline Eggplant/Aubergine.
Maybelline Chai Latte Quad

That is officially all for my spring edit! I really enjoyed putting this entire series together, so I hope you enjoyed watching/reading it too and perhaps have gotten some ideas on how to change things up this spring. After now having lived in Canada for nearly five years, I think I've decided that spring is my favourite season. Weather is perfect, wardrobe is perfect, nature is perfect, the spring colour palette is perfect. Everything perfect!

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