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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Edit: Cheeks

Show your apples some loving this spring with my top five blush picks!
  1. MAC Dame | Dame was my first ever MAC blush and one of the beauty community's favourites. It is a beautiful medium pink with blue shimmer running through it. I adore this blush in the springtime as it gives such a lovely subtle but noticeable pop of colour on the cheeks. It instantly brightens and freshens up your complexion and gives you that glow everyone covets. I mentioned in my spring edit video that I wore this in my Light As Air outfit post, and loved the way it looked and photographed!
  2. Natural Collection Peach Melba | A fan favourite in the UK is this pretty peachy blush called Peach Melba, which I received in a swap with another blogger. As you can see it's a pretty light, very natural peach colour which makes it ideal for everyday wear. It's sure to go with everything! 
  3. NARS Deep Throat | This blush was such a happy accident. I purchased it on a whim last summer and fell. in. love. Deep Throat is a gorgeous peachy pink with gold shimmer that is just effortlessly pretty. I did a full post on it some months ago, so I'll link you to it here. It leaves such a beautiful natural but not too natural flush on the cheeks and shimmer gives a bit of highlighting action which is always welcome.
  4. Benefit Hervana | The packaging alone sucks me in like a vortex, but aside from that, Hervana is also a lovely blush for the spring. It's very subtle and sheer, but buildable. A pale pink, a medium peach, a coral pink, and a deep berry - four shades when swirled together create a beautiful touch of peach-pink-coral colour. It's pretty loveable. ;)
  5. MAC Fleur Power | This ultra pigmented coral blush is what I go for if I really want to showcase my apples. It's looks quite bright in the pan and swatch, but can be blended in to look very nice and non-frightening or clown-like on the cheeks. Sometimes you just want something a little brighter, not so pink, and not so pastel, and this is where this blush comes in.

L-R. MAC Dame, Natural Collection Peach Melba, NARS Deep Throat, Benefit Hervana, MAC Fleur Power.

More spring picks coming your way - another post for the nails and one for the eyes before the spring edit is all wrapped up. Hope you've been enjoying this series because I've certainly been enjoying putting the posts together.

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  1. These blushes all look gorgeous!! I love the shades of all of them! I have Nars Deep Throat and it is so pretty.

    Kimberley x

    1. I agree, and yes I feel like Deep Throat is almost a staple. So lovely!

  2. It seems I have expensive taste. I really like the NARS 'deep throat' blush! It is going to be nice for the spring time!

    1. Haha don't we all. ;) Truth be told, the expensive stuff is generally better. How unfortunate for our bank accounts!


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