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Thursday, February 7, 2013

OPI We'll Always Have Paris

2 coats, no flash

Winter is in full swing and I am loving the oxblood everything that comes with it. I thought it was about time I talked about this nail polish considering it is literally the only one I have used since the beginning of the holidays. This beautiful, rich, deep burgundy is a classic, well-loved shade from OPI called We'll Always Have Paris.

This polish has one of the best formulations I have ever used - smooth, creamy, opaque colour in just 2 coats. And it finishes with that glossy shine! Personally, what makes this a star in my books is the fact that it is such a deep colour but it does not appear black on the nails like many other dark polishes tend to. It is just the perfect shade for winter and I think it looks lovely against the snow. Ou, now I am thinking of a very chic version of Snow White....

What is your favourite winter nail polish? I would be thrilled if you left a comment down below!

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  1. Beautiful shade! I've never heard of this one. My favourite winter polish is Essie Chocolate Kisses.

    1. It's gorgeous and I highly recommend it. :) Ouuu, I love Essie polishes. It'll be one to check out in the shops!

  2. That is a gorgeous colour, I love OPI polishes


    1. I know right? I love it! :) And yes, they are some of my most loved nail polishes.

  3. Absolutely lovely color!
    Want to try it!
    I love OPI


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