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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is one of the cozier festive looks that I put together for the holiday season. I wore this to a potluck reunion with my high school friends which was more casual so I didn't want to be too dressy. Although some might consider this "dressed up" already. :P

Knits have just completely dominated my closet this winter. They are so comfortable and cute and ... mmm, I'd say effortlessly chic. Those of you who experience true northern winter fully understand the appeal of knits, primarily for their functionality. When it is 7 in the morning and you have to get your bum out of bed in that kind of cold, all you want to do is throw a cozy jumper and leggings on and be on your way - and that's what many of my outfits have been like for the past couple of months!

I chose this beigey knit sweater top from Forever21 and paired it with a plain black high waisted skirt and dotty tights! The sweater is one of my favourites - it's a very plain, muted, neutral colour but the entire thing has little cut outs that make a cute triangle pattern. The skirt is's been worn so many times that it has just lost much of its structure. It needs replacing! I love the cream dots on the black tights and think they just add a bit more dimension to the look.

The ankle boots I have on are from Minnetonka, a brand that is really popular for its moccasins. My mom likes to call them my "Pocahontas" shoes. :P I love these casual shoes and usually wear them if I want to bring some earthiness and warmth to my outfit. The bottoms are all wet in the photo because I was out trudging in the slush. Oh, snow...

Top: Forever21
Skirt: Majora
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Minnetonka
Accessories: Forever21, Fossil, DIY, H&M
Nails: OPI We'll Always Have Paris
Lips: Revlon True Red

I accessorized with my gaudy Forever21 rhinestone bracelet, DIY hemp bracelet, Fossil Georgia watch, and a gold neck cuff. I also had gold metal bow hair clips to mimic the necklace. I wanted a really deep, rich wintery shade on the nails to bring some colour to the outfit (in addition to the bright red lip!) so I painted them a classic oxblood shade called We'll Always Have Paris. I can't get enough of this colour! I'm going to wear it so much this winter.

Photography: Shan Shukla

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