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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Light as Air

This is the last of the outfit photos from the summertime this year, taken in late August, and looking at them and writing about it is making me miss the heat sooooo so much. I mean fall is a lovely season and there's so many things I love about it -- burgundy everything, chunky scarves, chunky knits, boots ... but the feeling of warm sunshine on my skin just can't be beat. OH ALSO. This is the last outfit photos with my hair this long. :'( Although my previous hair length was incredibly heavy and the cut was necessary, I absolutely LOVED it curled just like in these photos.

This is one of those outfits that's great for transitioning into cooler weather because it has a couple layers to it, enough to keep warm against a strong, cool breeze, but it's still very light and airy. I chose to wear a very simple, classic-cut, ivory/cream coloured dress with a sheer dusty pink chiffon top. The dress is sleeveless with a high neckline and pretty lace overlay, and it's such a comfortable, breezy, really really feminine piece.

Dress: H&M
Top: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Coach
Accessories: F21, Aldo, H&M, Ebay
Nails: Essie Cute as a Button

The Coach bag is my favourite handbag to use for the summer. I like the shape of it and the fact that you can hold it by the crook of your elbow but also on your shoulder or even strapped as a cross-body. It's really vibrant and colourful and surprisingly goes with lots of outfits. I tend to wear it with softer, pastel tones as I feel like a bold colour scheme could be quite visually overwhelming.

I accessorized the heck out of this outfit, and also added (not so well, as you can see... I've put them on a little bit wonky) these bronze-golden collar tips from Ebay seller 99hk to add a little something extra to my plain top. I also had a gold metal hair bow on from H&M but unfortunately it can't be seen in any of the photos taken.. :( Last note, my nails are not as neon as the photo below pictures them; the second photo down is way more accurate. It's just a very bright coral-pink colour. I talked about it in this post!

I love these brown wedges to death. The thick, chunky straps make them really comfortable to wear and I only wish I could wear them out more. I like the style of these shoes and think they're very flattering, and they're in this very classic leathery brown colour that goes with everything!!! Definitely a closet staple.

Silly faces! Let me just let you in on a secret: 50% of the shots of every photoshoot are like this. Hahaha. It's instinctual!

Photography: Shan Shukla

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    1. Thanks Max!!! :) It's Essie's Cute as a Button! One of my favourites. :)


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